The Safety Box

awakening the potential of youth & Keeping them safe


What We Do


The Safety Box ® CIC programs are a refined system of training and development in helping young people and young adults develop important skills such as leadership, communication, team working, presentation, high risk conflict resolution, violence reduction, personal development and problem solving. We recognise that these are some of the essential keys to success. They open doors to learning, to life in addition to work. They are a platform on which to build employability skills and the gateway to future well-being and prosperity.

Many of our programs have been developed because there is a growing need to demonstrate to young adults that there are ways to avoid gangs bullying, harassment or more serious, violent situations. Where avoiding threat is not possible, we show how to manage and control dangerous situations.

With almost 15 years of experience, we teach simple in depth, effective tactics to reduce violence and avoid threat, we awaken the potential of young people and above all keep them safe.



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