Youth Group General List of courses

Courses are normally tailored to meet the youth group. We can run the programs over 3 weeks or 10 weeks.

• Athletics
• Football
• Martial Arts (Karate/Ju-Jitsu)
• Drama
• Dance
• Filming and Production
• Self Defence
• Careers Workshop and Advice
• Leadership development
• Anti-Knife/Gun Crime
• Anti-Bullying Programs
• Alcohol and Drugs Awareness
• CV and Cover letter Writing
• Interview Skills
• Personal Safety Programs
• Enterprise and Business programs
• Motivational speakers
• Functional Skills
• Life Skills
• Specific Projects such as: 

"Nah blud, No shank Project","Manhood project", "Eagles of tommorow" and the "Future Leaders project".

• Anger Management
• Handling bullying and How to avoid street robbery
• Personality Types
• How to break fall

• Mental Awareness
• ‘Keeping your cool’
• Handling bullying
• Avoiding Mobile phone theft Safety on public transport
• Posture in Attack Prevention (Group Work)
• Wrist Hold Defences Level 1 (Physical)
• Strangle Hold Defences Level 1 (Physical)
• Clothing Grabs (Physical)
• How to break fall (Physical)

• Dangers of reacting
• Planning and spotting danger
• Travelling home on public transport
• Posture in Attack Prevention
• Dangers of being cut by a knife (what to do)
• How to break fall (Physical) 

• Dynamic Simulation Response Drill Self defence
• Self Defence & the Law (Police Lecture)
• The lines of attack of a knife
• Gross motor blocking (Physical)
• How to break fall (Physical)
• Vital Striking Points
• Awareness of the Date Rape Drug
• Rape Defence
• Defence against a knife

The Safety Box Youth Service Programme aims to empower and optimise the potential of young people. Our courses cover the ages of 8 – 21, with the priority age range being between 13 -19.

Our courses provide a wide range of ongoing term time and holiday activities for young people in youth centres or youth groups found within communities.

Our Focus

Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people:

• about the effects of all types of stereotyping, prejudice, bullying, racism and discrimination and how to challenge them assertively
• how to empathise with people different from themselves
• about the nature of friendship and how to make and keep friends
• to recognise that goodwill is essential to positive and constructive relationships
• to negotiate within relationships, recognising that actions have consequences, and when and how to make compromises

Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle

We teach participants:
• to use assertiveness skills to resist unhelpful pressure
• to have a sense of their own identity and present themselves confidently in a range of situations
• to be aware of how others see them, manage praise and criticism, and success and failure in a positive way and learn from the experience

Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people

We teach participants:
• to challenge offending behaviour, prejudice, bullying, racism and discrimination assertively and take the initiative in giving and receiving support
• to work cooperatively with a range of people who are different from themselves
• to deal with changing relationships in a positive way, showing goodwill to others and using strategies to resolve disagreements peacefully
• about the diversity of different ethnic groups and the power of prejudice