6th Form & College

Drug and Alcohol program (4 - 10 weeks)

Below is an example of Week 1 Modules (designed to show pupils the negative effects of alcohol and drug misuse. To explain all the dangers associated with their use. To define the types of drugs that are dangerous. To demonstrate how to say no to peer pressure. To explain how addictions can destroy academic achievement)



  • The victims – Opening Video (Class room based – Workbook)
  • Shock Tactics (Class room based – Team Building)
  • About Drugs and the types
  • The dangers associated with drugs
  • Popularity (Physical)
  • Drinking safely
  • Are you a walking target
  • Mental Awareness
  • ‘Follower or leader’
  • Image and respect
  • How to say NO
  • Too much leads to addiction
  • Case Study – True Story
  • How addiction destroys you life
  • Depression and poor attention
  • Making wise choices

Conflict Resolution Seminar Sample - 1 hour

This workshop is designed to teach conflict resolution, how to handle angry people, verbal diffusion and self control. Please note that these courses are examples of the courses that are run during the college academic year. All our programmes are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the school or college.

List of College Modules Available

Tailored within 4 - 10 weeks courses

  • Anti-Sexual Assault and Rape prevention course
  • Financial Awareness & Economic well being 
  • Cyber Security & Safety Awareness Online
  • Awareness of unsafe environments
  • The consequences of anti-social behaviour
  • Transition to University
  • Recognising your worth as an individuals (Citizenship)
  • Relationships (PSHE)
  • Respect and privacy (PSHE)/Citizenship
  • ‘Keeping your cool
  • Conflict Resolution (PSHE)/Citizenship)
  • Staying safe and away from harm (PSHE)
  • Young people and the Law
  • Internet Safety (PSHE)/Citizenship)
  • Everything you need to know about social networking 
  • Challenging peer pressure 
  • Planning and spotting danger 
  • Travelling home on public transport (on and off site program)
  • The world beyond college
  • Staying safe when home alone
  • Fight or Flight response (The Science behind our bodies) 
  • Carrying a weapon is NOT a game Intervention program
  • Gang Intervention
  • Avoiding violence (PSHE) - Intervention program
  • Non-aggressive Self Defence (PE/PSHE/Extended Schools)
  • How to stay safe when it becomes physical
  • DSRD Dynamic Simulation Responses, Physical 
  • Self Defence & the Law (PSHE)/Citizenship)
  • Building a business (Functional Skills/PLTS/Enterprise)
  • Entrepreneurship (Enterprise/Functional Skills)
  • Nah blud, no shank program (PSHE) - Intervention program
  • Prison & the consequences (Citizenship) - Intervention program
  • Alcohol and Drug addiction (PSHE)
  • Rape and sexual assault awareness (PSHE)