Teacher INSET Training

Many teachers encounter difficulties on a daily basis in teaching and learning. This is typically because of bad behaviour issues, low self esteem and un-motivated and de-motivated children.The INSET teacher training courses offered by The Safety Box will develop teaching skills in tackling these difficulties in order to effectively deliver the curriculum and raise the motivation of pupils, but above all will give teachers the necessary tools to change negative behaviour trends.

Bullying, and the strategies to combat it workshop


This seminar is specifically designed for teachers to identify bullying at their school / college. Its shows strategies and ways of how to combat it. The workshop includes:

  • Welcome and ‘Ice breaker’ who’s who!
  • What is this thing we call bullying? (Interactive session)
  • Defining the types - Group Exercise
  • What is Cyber-bullying? The types, the dangers, how extensive is the problem?
  • The importance of immediate response to bullying.
  • How to spot a potential target


  • Supporting pupils to building a resistance against bullying
  • How to respond to bullying and ways to reduce bullying behaviours
  • Things to put in place to assist spotting and preventing bullying
  • Building an awareness in the school environment
  • The dangers of reacting incorrectly
  • Rebuilding confidence (support staff)
  • Working with the Bully to effect change?
  • Summary
  • Focus on the Future

List of Teacher INSET days and Workshops

Better Teaching and Learning - Staff Training programs

  • New teacher introduction into inner city youth
  • Spotting potential behaviour problems
  • Understanding children’s needs
  • Understanding Verbal communication and body language in pupils
  • Dealing with challenging behaviour
  • How to include street culture into the classroom to better teaching and learning
  • Safegaurding against Bullying & Anti-bullying strategies
  • Safeguarding against Gngs
  • Bridging the gap between senior management and staff
  • Classroom management workshop (teacher inset)
  • How to engage poorly motivated pupils
  • Using technology as a teaching tool in the classroom
  • Conflict resolution in the workplace
  • Motivation and inspiration workshops
  • Understanding gang culture
  • Dealing with gang activity within school
  • PE Enhancement (Primary Schools Only)
  • Understanding the mentality of inner city youths
  • Making friends with your students (developing trust and respect)
  • Relationship building with pupils

3 Hour Workshops

  • Spotting potential behaviour problems
  • How to engage poorly motivated pupils
  • PE enhancement workshop
  • Understanding gang culture
  • Making friends with your students (developing trust and respect)
  • Relationship building with pupils
  • Dealing with difficult visitors and other unexpected tricky situations
  • 1 Day programs (INSET Training) Min numbers 5
  • Conflict resolution in the workplace