Self Defence

Children’s Assertiveness Training Series (CATS)

This program teaches children creative and powerful skills to deal with difficult situations that they may have to face. Using non-violent strategies, children learn how to effectively avoid, control and de-escalate a bully's aggression. The following skills will be taught:

  • Avoiding playground altercations

  • How to handle name calling

  • Protecting personal space

  • Target Hardening (how not to look like a victim)

  • Situation Control

  • Setting boundaries against inappropriate touch or attention

  • Assessing appropriate defence and how to NOT start a fight

  • Stranger Awareness Training

FAST Cats teaches children how to avoid unwelcome attention from adult predators.This program uses full force defensive trikes and physical contact to fight off an adult predetor. Other skills taught include:

  • Getting lost prevention - using safety checklist, knowing names, address, phone numbers.

  • Home safety skills

  • Abduction awareness – basic skills to detect and avoid abduction

  • Target Hardening (how not to look like a victim)

  • How to physically break away and escape the grasp of a would be abductor

Children gain confidence with the new assertive choices they learn to apply in a wide variety of situations. By asserting proper awareness and de-escalation skills,  C.A.T.S. students are far less likely to react out of anger and fear. As a result, there is less need for a physical response. All training is done in an adrenalised environment so pupils learn not to freeze and panic when they encounter dangerous situations. How you react to a situation can mean the difference between success and failure, life or death.


The Safety Box run a number of self defence training programs for children and young people some of which include:

  • Anti-Sexual assault self defence

  • Knife and Gun self defence

  • Mental Awareness and personal safety

  • Locks and hold defence program

  • Anti Rape defence

  • FAST (Fear Adrenaline Stress Training)

  • Children's Assertiveness Training series

We prepare our children for the world by ensuring they participate in a range of activities that will educate them physically, financially, spiritually, culturally and morally.


Even though we put a huge effort into supporting our children, what are we doing to prepare our children for their personal safety outside our doors?

Unfortunately gone are the days where a good upbringing could prepare a child for the outside world. With happy slapping, cyber bullying, robbery of smart phones/iPods and personal items there is an increasing need to support young people in protecting themselves.

At The Safety Box we have identified the most common threats to a young person’s safety and every single role-play scenario has been taken from a police report of an actual event so they are acutely relevant.

The Safety Box F.A.S.T defence courses shows pupils how the body reacts under severe, adrenaline fuelled encounters and then how to turn that reaction into a positive outcome. The defences are practiced full-on against our padded ‘Bulletmen’. Simplicity is the key to all our skills. If it isn't simple, you'll probably not be able to utilise it under pressure.

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