The Safety Box aims to help youngsters to handle themselves better in an environment that is increasingly becoming dangerous, we are driven to help foster a mind of achievement, helping youngsters to break down barriers and strive towards success. Most importantly, our mission is to help keep children and young people safe.

In line with the governments aims, The Safety Box working together with schools, YOI's, colleges, partners and youth groups aim to help protect children and young people from harm and aid them in achieving what they want in life.


Many of our programs have been developed because there is a growing need to demonstrate to young adults that there are ways to avoid CSA, Crime, bullying, harassment or more serious, violent situations. Where avoiding threat is not possible, we show how to manage and control dangerous situations.

We teach simple, effective tactics to reduce and avoid threat. These include techniques from psychology, verbal resolution, aggression management and assertiveness training.



We recognise that many of the problems associated with young people stem from several sources we therefore work with schools, teachers, parents, young people and institutions to deliver multi-level interventions.

Our Staff

The Safety Box ® training is extensive requiring all members of training staff to undertake both practical and theoretical learning.  Recruitment for both our youth outreach training staff and violence interrupters® is very specific. Our filtering system takes place very early in the recruitment process to ensure we are hiring the right individuals for the job.

We use this process to “validate” the youth trainers and violence interrupters as credible to ensure they can effectively engage with the high-risk participants. This process also weeds out those unsuitable for the role.



Once identified, recruited and trained on our 7 week in house program, violence interrupters® employ high-risk conflict mediation techniques to mediate conflict, stop retaliations, pre-empt and stop violent incidents occurring.

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