Dawn Mells - Head of Citizenship and PSHE

The safety box program was delivered through a 10 week summer term tailored program, working with previously identified at risk pupils from across the whole range of key stage 3. As head of Citizenship and PSHE within the school I found the classes to be extremely beneficial to the pupils involved in many different ways. Pupils began to show respect for one another and encouraged each other to be positive. Aspirations were revealed and pupils supported one another to try and work out how to achieve these ambitions. This was something I clearly saw continuing throughout school and within lessons outside of the program. Although the pupils took sometime to demonstrate this positivity I believe they gained insight and support that they will be able to take forward with them and to help them address any issues that may have previously been holding them back and leading towards negative behaviour.

A number of pupils responded particularly well to the program and have already taken personal steps to demonstrate a change in their behaviour and how they see themselves and what they can achieve. One since joined the local air cadets, this has had a positive impact on his discipline and his learning. Other pupils simply saw that they could break out of the cycle of negativity that was leading them to poor behaviour and therefore not embracing their education. I would strongly recommend The Safety Box program to any school. It is highly beneficial to all pupils especially those that need further guidance and those that need to be given a chance to make a change.